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About Your Dentist

About Your Dentist

Kerry Burgess, DMD

Your dentist is a member of the doctor mastery program

Dr. Burgess, DMD is an esteemed member of the Doctor Mastery Program. The five-year program consists of clinical training conducted by world renowned clinicians, from building on foundational skills and advancing to mastery of the most complex dental care.

"My goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with high-quality dental care that fits your needs and desires. I truly care about your needs and will do all I can to make sure you have a rejuvenating dental experience!"

Education/Additional Training:

Dr. Burgess received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

In addition, he continues to seek out advanced training in a wide range of dental issues and techniques to better serve his patients.

Through continuing education programs such as Invisalign (invisible braces), Heartland Aesthetic Continuum, Doctor Leadership, he has received additional training on procedures including crowns, veneers, aesthetic restorations, teeth whitening, invisible braces, bridges, onlays and rotary endodontics.

Personal Attention Professional Excellence:

"I would like my patients to know I am treating them with their best interest in mind. I want to help them understand the importance of dental care and its connection to their overall health. In short, I want my patients to feel like each one of them is the most important patient in the world!"

Providing You With Comfortable Dental Care...

"As a dentist, I constantly try to better myself and my technical skills. I will always be caring and considerate of my patients' needs in order to serve you better. I want to care for your needs and make sure you receive the most beneficial and satisfying care; the kind of care you deserve. I enjoy meeting and interacting with patients and I look forward to serving and working with you to establish a beautiful smile that lasts forever."